Why I am finally an author!

We’ve all got a book inside of us haven’t we, maybe a message for our kids, even the world?

Over the years, I have started writing many random books, I even managed to turn some into short practical e-book guides like these.

Whilst others are still brewing in google docs, as works in progress, including the talks at Random Dialogues.

Another is called “Practical Tips For Overwhelmed Mums” unfortunately I got overwhelmed writing it, click to see why.

Then one day, I gratefully and randomly met the wonderful Angharad Davies in a Facebook group, where she’d written this post

The Positive Motherhood Project is going to publish a book and you can be part of it

I’m looking for mums who want to write a short piece (max 500 words) on the belief they’d love their child to learn from them. These will then be published together in an ebook and paperback and sold on Amazon.

I want to inspire mums everywhere to look inwards, reflect on their values, beliefs, life meanings, purpose and passions and share these with their children.

The book will be co-written and crowd-funded (to cover the editing and publishing costs https://gofund.me/fdd5d28c).

And 100% of profits from book sales will then go to funding global grass roots projects tackling children’s emotional well-being.

If you’re interested in taking part, let me know in the comments or send me a DM and I’ll give you all the details

So I did.

And HERE it is

On launch day it made it to Number 1 across 8 categories!

I’m also delighted to be invited to speak about my 500-word contribution, plus my passion project Resilient Kids at Burpham Wellfest on Sunday 22nd August —

“My mission is to give kids vision, vitality and voice and in this talk, I will share what that really means and demonstrate how that builds children up to be more confident in themselves and competent in life. I am really excited about sharing this at Burpham Wellfest 21 and look forward to meeting local parents who are also passionate about their children there.”

I’m hoping Angharad will share her story at a future Random Dialogues event.

Maybe you’d like to join us too?


Jane Tyson 💥AUTHOR💥

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