Why Did Matisse Make His Snail From Paper?

Obligatory snap next to Matisse’s Snail. A wonderful mum adventure with my teenage daughter and niece to the Tate Modern, London.

The Tate is one of our favourite bolt holes. I’ve taken my children along since they were sleeping in a sling!

Something for everyone on the Southbank, including importantly cake and coffee stops.

For lunch, we went to Wagamamas, just behind the Tate and all chose the well-priced kid’s menu options. The Co-op was next door — even cheaper. Organised mums might prefer to take a picnic to eat on the benches or wonderful grassy area outside.

I made a little video reel about our outing here.

What’s a favourite space for you to take kids or grandkids if you have them?

By the way, this is why Matisse made his snail out of paper.

The Turbine Hall’s interactive colouring installation

Jane Tyson





Random Dialogues

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Random Dialogues

Random Dialogues

Random Dialogues

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