Random Dialogues 58 “What’s the One Thing Most LinkedIn Experts have in Common” #randomdialogues58

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Random Dialogues
2 min readDec 29, 2022

First, thanks for sending this over “Sarah Swift”, I didn’t realise how bad they were! I’ve always wanted one, not anymore!

Nick responded to last week’s newsletter update, and we exchanged a couple of emails about the meaning of Grace Jone’s “Pull Up To The Bumper” 😲 and Doughnut Economics 🍩 which I’ve created this Wakelet board about for reference.

I’m looking for a guest speaker to join me on my next Random Dialogues LIVE to chat about “Doughnut Economics”anyone?

They’ll no doubt be more professional, but not as much fun as this week’s one which was all about LinkedIn engagement⬇️

Thanks so much for joining in and putting up with us Gill and Phil!

Meanwhile, Ian and I continue to float ideas about the swimming pool fella and building a community newsletta.

Fraser and I would love you to answer these questions about our book, which we’ll publish on Amazon at the end of January.

📰In Other News

Thank you Member Manager Plus

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And Finally🎬

If you’d like to hop in for a live-streamed chat with me on Streamyard, you don’t have to know about Doughnut Economics but perhaps there’s something else you’d like to share. Let’s connect and explore possibilities.

⌛And A Bit More Finally