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Random Dialogues
3 min readMar 10, 2023


6 speakers, up to 6 minutes each wasn’t going to be the same with 5 of us!

Unfortunately, at the last minute, one of the speakers for “Random Dialogues 23” on March 9th 2023 was unwell and not able to attend. We were going live in just over an hour. What to do?

I leaned into the “Random Dialoguers speaking community and Julia Hayden was able to dial in from Germany, thank you!

She spoke about “Shape Shifting”. You can click on the Youtube video below at chapter 29:45 to hear her. Our friendship and story are documented here.

Niall Jones, another regular Random Dialoguer, set the scene at the start by speaking about “Peer Power” followed by Sally Sidani’s “Why Menopause Affects Everyone”

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we continued to have a giggle and reasonable amount of stress about tech issues. Emma Saccomani’s “A Toolkit for Messy Reality” came in very handy for coping with the echoes and crackles!

Yvette Masure’s”Sound Frequency Healing Through Tuning Forks & Tibetan Singing Bowls” soothed us too. (and as requested by Phil during the livestream, here's the link to Yvette’s Youtube video: “Quality, Balance, Freedom)

I closed the show at 44:37 with “Seredipitree” and then forgot to click out of solo view so my big head stayed on the screen for too long, rather than returning to the 6-speaker view, oops.

Hosting, producing, and speaking at a Random Dialogue live event can be a bit of a challenge.

With extra special thanks to Dr. Nick Heap and Phil Shepherd, both readers, and contributors to Friday’s 6:08am (ish) newsletter for engaging with us. Really looking forward to hearing you speak again soon.

MAY 11TH 8PM — 9PM

📝5 Sentences from You

Recreating stars and quasars with lasers and plasma accelerators by Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

Interestingly you can create the same levels of strong electromagnetic fields as the big particle accelerators in a 3cm tube in a lab in South Ken.

And that we’re seeing the first evidence of what’s called the “Radiation Reaction”, where it seems you get more energy out the less you put in.

Just need to focus a laser beam incredibly tightly, and pulse it into a beam of ions for the magic to happen…a bit of a challenge, but one we’re working out how to do.

Can use this to do some crazy physics, like recreating the heat and pressures in stars.

See this fun lecture here…and learn why ducklings form an evenly spaced line behind their mum or dad (and how that’s similar to how these field effects work.

📰Good News Friday

This is a recent Friday feature.

A space to share GOOD news.

>>For example, I sowed some “moulis” in polytunnel one at Rosamund Community Garden, pic here

>>There’s going to be a potential new bike scheme in Guildford George tweeted.🚴🏽‍♀️

>>With thanks to Colin for responding to last week’s good news with this doodle:

By the way, just for fun and a random adventure, I’m organising a small gathering at Speakers Corner in London… let me know if you are up for speaking. Date tbc.

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