What Is The Point Of Boxing Day?

Whilst investigating Boxing Day, memories of Nan

For many it’s typically a day of . Boxing Day occurs on the 26th of December, became an official bank holiday in 1871, and has a history of 800 years.

I found only giving. For example, in the 18th Century, the from the Christmas Day church collection might include gifts or money to distribute to the poor the following day.

It was also a day off for most servants waiting on Lords and Ladies of the Manor, , which might include their Christmas Day leftovers. It seems, the idea of Christmas Hampers also stems from this gifting of boxes to employees. S

St Stephen’s Day falls on the 26th, note the words of the hymn Good King Wenceslas,

Hunting Wrens was once a popular sport on this day. I found a poem about this too.

Wren Hunting On Boxing Day

This is what I’ve boxed up so far. Perhaps you have something to contribute about Boxing Day?

You needn’t gift them something tangible, a simple phone call could do, even send a homemade e-card.

I made the images in this article on plus the Birthday card below, which . You might like to create something like this too. Join me at one of my workshops to learn how-to

It's good to have you here.

Jane Tyson

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