What Happens If You Never Wash Your Hair?

Is there any legitimacy for the no-poo and oil cleansing method? In the various blogs, videos, and tips I’ve read and watched, 6 weeks seems to be the turning point, especially if you get it right. It also seems easy to go wrong and end up with an itchy, greasy, flaky scalp, rank hair, and loss of confidence!

In this video I share how it is going up to week 2, I’ll add random updates. If you are interested, bookmark this page and subscribe to my channel to get a reminder.

Here are 8 questions I’ll be investigating

  1. What happens if you never use shampoo?
  2. How often should I wash my hair no poo?
  3. What happens if you don’t wash your hair for a month?
  4. Is the no-poo method good for hair?
  5. How long did it take for your hair to stop feeling greasy?
  6. Is there any legitimacy to the no-poo and the oil cleansing method?
  7. Should I try the no-poo method if I have oily greasy hair?
  8. Can I get a professionals opinion on whether or not washing hair without shampoo no-poo method is good or bad for your hair?

In the meantime, what are your experiences of not washing your hair, please do share.

And Finally

If you can’t bear to just do the water wash only method, try a couple of tablespoons of cider vinegar in warm water as a solution to dip your hair onto and then pour over your scalp. The cider vinegar has the same Ph as your hair and has a conditioning effect too, apparently.

It’s good to have you here, I’ll send you each episode as it comes.

Week 8
Update over here

Week 11
I decided to actually wash my hair in hot water and some cider vinegar, it felt so good. I leaned over the bath and dunked it into a bowl. and rubbed, squeezed, and sloshed. Afterwards I rinsed with a few drops of lavendar oil mixed in a jug of warm water, and finished with a cold water dunk.

It felt quite sticky.

I excitedly dried it waiting for a wonderful fresh transformation. Eww its gone so dry and frizzy and the roots are just kind of claggy.

What I have found that is some days it can seem very greasy and then I just comb and leave it and it seems to get absorbed back into the hair. My hair is very thick so this might be why I’m not getting the self-cleaning look?

To console myself, I tied it up with my lovely handmade scarf from @Peggys Difference who I discovered on Instagram.

“Mum have you been shopping again on Etsy?” asked my teenager daughter.
“I just can’t seem to help myself” I replied.

Very interesting Jane and quite a challenge. Now don’t laugh, but I’ve been practising “no poo” for years now. I’m not sure when I stopped “pooing”, but at least 20 years. Not having much hair does make it easier, but us bald chaps still have a bit of hair to manage and we have to take care of our scalp! John Ballard

Week 13 -15th February 2021

As we continue to be in a mostly locked down situation, and hairdresser-less my teenage daughter once again cut my hair.

She did a great job of my husband’s too. I wet mine with the water spray that he uses on his chillis, currently sprouting on the window ledge (follow #paulschillis for updates on social).

She said my hair was pretty gross, grey and the grease was sticking to her fingers, ewwww. She also advised me not to use cider vinegar and has yet to come up with an alternative suggestion.

Other methods… Bicarbonate of soda, lemon or lime juice, bentonite clay, egg white, honey, coconut milk, juiced apples . One year of no chemical shampoo and it took a while to find the cycle of natural cleaning stuff that works for me. This is a great website with loads of ideas https://www.hairbuddha.net/ with thanks to Leigh Frost for this contribution.

Week 14 - 21st February 2021

Random Dialogues

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