This Is How To Mediate

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2 min readJul 1, 2021

No this is how you do it

Sshh close your eyes and look

You put your fingers and thumbs together see

I’m going to draw

A “Resilient Kids” session at the Burpham Yurt, Guildford, UK

Then we all start to laugh. The sweet spot where the meditation really is. Just like the laughing buddha!

Lessons from a gorgeous group of 4 and 5-year-olds!

Kids are naturally present and playful — mindfulness in action. They can indeed teach us how to get into a more relaxed state. Simply pause, notice, breathe and play alongside them.

Where does all the doing and busyness in their life come from?

How do you meditate? Maybe you don’t even realise that you are. Consider a time when you were in “flow” as in truly present and focused on what you were doing — is this not meditation. What was it like?

Me, I like to sit quietly in the morning and rest my butterfly brain. It flutters off in all sorts of directions and then settles.


For a bit.

Meditation was something I started to explore back in my late teens alongside yoga. It hovered alongside me. I didn’t and don’t take it too seriously, being enlightened is surely about lightning up?

Then in 2006 I discovered an online course with Ed Halliwell via MIND magazine and participated. I got hooked on the benefits.

Later in 2012, whilst I was teaching out in Tanzania the school paid for me to go on a course so that I could teach mindfulness to the children and staff. Adam Dacey at Mindspace (a former monk), taught me. We’d dial in weekly for a zoom call, I’d be in my lounge with mosquitoes buzzing around my head, a true lesson in zoning out of irritating noisy distractions.

Yeshe Trinley my funny monk friend, taught me to discover my own way to practise it.

Rest in peace Yeshe.

“Nobody can truly teach you Jane, you have to work out what works for you, be the light”

He was a wonderful guide - #randomdialogues4. This is Yeshe and me when we travelled to visit him at the Samye Ling monastery.

If you are looking to get started in mindfulness, you may like to read my little practical ebook guide called Magic In Mindfulness

Thanks for BEing here.

Jane Tyson