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2 min readNov 12, 2022


Air Fryers

Have you got one and if so, what do you like best about it?

Last Christmas, my teens finally convinced me to get a small air fryer and we’re using it daily. It did take me a while to get into it though. I’ve decided to upgrade to a family-sized model, but am getting into a muddle as to which one, plus most of the 10-in-1s seem to have sold out. Check out this Ninja one from Aldi!

Also, I’ve started to wonder about their environmental impact. Yes, they seem to save money on energy, but where are they coming from in the first place?

My friend regularly sends me his random airfyer updates:

Before getting mine, I mainly used to cook things on a gas hob in a sauté pan, and it certainly used to heat the kitchen up a lot. The air fryer has an indicator to show when the heating element is coming on, and it’s only on for a proportion of the time, and doesn’t heat the kitchen up anywhere as much.

I read a week or so ago that air fryer sales are 30 times what they were last year.

There’s also a bit of profiteering going on, with ludicrous prices being asked by those who have stock.

I’ve created an energy-saving group (see end of this update for info).

This Week’s Canva Tip: “How to Record Yourself in Canva”

Three More Things I’ve Created In Canva This Week

  1. 5 Tips To Raise Resilient Kids here
  2. This quote
  3. An air fryer image which I removed the background from and then added an orange glow, see below! This isn’t actually the model I want though, mine will have shelves and accessories — might try to pick one up as an unwanted Christmas pressie in January.

And Finally

If you have time to complete this short Canva Infographic Teaching survey, then I’ll send over some great Canva shortcut tips as a thank you!
Here’s a recording of Canva Level 1 —

I look forward to hearing from you!

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