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2 min readDec 16, 2022


who started to write a newsletta.

All about installing swimming pools.

He did extremely well from it.


That’s what Ian taught me when we caught up last week.

Ian is an excellent writer, and knows a lot about newsletters, even though he hasn’t started writing one himself.


We also chatted about being really super niche and focused.

And knowing exactly what to write and who it’s for.

Which topic would you choose?

I know nothing about installing swimming pools.

Nor does Ian.

We also spoke about both being generalists. Perhaps you can relate?

This week, I learned that “Get Revue is shutting down — the usual platform I write my Friday 6:08 am updates on. Since 2021, its been Twitter-owned and had 33,000 users, many of whom had paying subscribers, oops. No doubt the closure has something to do with Elon Musk…tsk.

That’s why I’m trying out “Beehiiv”(partner link). Christian is also going to start using it for Tillingborne Earth and we’ll probably give it a go at Rosamund Community Garden. I’ll share updates from these communities once we’ve worked it all out.

Alongside this week’s newsletter switch, my Facebook account disappeared. Not sure where it’s gone or why, I’m waiting to hear back from “them”. It’s quite nice to have a break from it, and even more reason to write a newsletter and stay connected 👋

So this is a gentle nudge to encourage you to get writing about things that interest you and to share it with the people who matter. Not everyone will subscribe, or enjoy your subject natter.


Give it a go, and let me know.

I’ll subscribe, cheerlead and help you get it growing and make it happen.

LET’S CHAT about this and that.

📰In Other News

“I have difficulty putting names to these faeces,” writes Hugh.

Thanks for sending this pic over Sarah, (also Guildford Swift Project), on the far right.

and from Michael: “5 Rules To Follow as You Find Your Spark” ⤵️

And Finally🎬

This has made all the difference. Thanks Dr. Adam.

A Bit More Finally

What did you think of this “newsletter/blog?

I’d love to hear from you, learning as I grow 🔚