Random Dialogues With Claire & The Mayor

Random Dialogues With Claire & The Mayor

Probably something like, “I wish I’d worn red like you too!

“You obvs didn’t get the memo!” said Arwen

“How many times do I have to tell you? Black-spotted dresses and scarlet jackets are THURSDAYS. On Wednesdays, it’s Levi’s and something that at first glance makes you look like a Catholic priest.” Paul

“And I think she’s saying she wished she was joining you at the hoedown!” Emma

“GAH…these shoes are too damn tight and this woman next to me just will not stop talking…!” Julie

“Good to be different!” Kay xx

“Mrs Mayor toes are hurting, she asked where to find boots like yours” Andrea

Today I’m heading to Glasstonbury to properly say goodbye to my friend Dr Alan Rae who passed on last October.

Below is our Random Dialogue from 2018.

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My next Random Dialogue’s “Stand UP & Speak For Yourself” event is October 13th, 8pm to 9pm BST. Have a go here

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💡Creative Nudge — Off My Trolley?

GuilFin was a radical UK guide to festivals, parties & protest in the 90s. Now we’re exploring a new function for the roaring 20s.

Last weekend, I met with this crew and am catching up again on Sunday too.

I think Alan would have enjoyed them.

This is a little video I posted.

And A Bit More Finally

Are You An Empty Nest Half Full Kind Of Person?

Something I’ve been investigating this week over on my “Mum Coach” page. Read on.

Jane Tyson
Random Dialogues

Random Dialogues

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Random Dialogues

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