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about nuts.

Lin and I met when we were 6 years old under a conker tree on a school playground. I’d just joined the school, and was feeling a bit dazed and confused. I noticed that she was on her own too, tucking into a cheese and Bovril sandwich which was wrapped in grey greaseproof paper. She spied my flask of hot chocolate. We exchanged stories while swapping our sweet and savory.

Recently, Lin won an award, I didn’t gift her flowers, as they aren’t sustainable at all. Instead, she got a new nut jar, pot of parsley, bulb of garlic, and fish sauce! We both like pressure cooking, so some of these will hopefully come in handy.

She posted a pic of her new nut jar on Facebook. See below ⤵️

📰In Other News

My mate Christian at Tillingbourne.Earth has been on a mission to speak with some of the larger retail chains in Guildford to sort out their waste, and it’s working. Instead of throwing everything into one black bin sack for collection, he’s got them exploring ways to separate. Christian, if you are reading this perhaps we could write more about this and your other wonderful green initiatives in a future update?


🎥Nick the Teacher made a new vid and it’s got over half a million views on his TikTok channel!

“Now that was a bit odd Jane wasn’t it!” said my 102-year-old Nan. (not referring to Nick’s vid)

I visited her in the “home”. We watched a strange episode of Morse together, on the highest volume. I file our random conversations on social media as #grandomdialogue 👵

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🍎Some pics from Sunday’s bonkers Wassail

And Finally🎬

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