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3 min readFeb 3, 2023

what Lays Beneath?

We’ve got a really squeaky bedroom door, which regularly wakes me at three when my husband gets up for a wee. He suggested spraying some WD40 on the hinges. I couldn’t find any, so just sprayed some watery black bike lube over the thick paintwork, which ran down and made a greasy mess and a strong pong.

Once awake, I’m ready for the day, so I pop on my onesie and head downstairs for a cup of green tea, bit of yoga, a handful of nuts, and on Fridays write my weekly newsletter.

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5 and a bit Sentences from Readers of my Newsletter

♾️Inspiring Collaboration

I was listening to Alan Milburn, the former Labour Health Secretary, answer a big question…”How can we save the NHS?

Got me thinking about how we can work together over the long term, to make the big, structural changes we need in our society.

That night I was peeking at Sam Kaner’s Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making, and decided to Google Sam Kaner.

Wow….how Hawaii is pursuing long-term, sustainable change by encouraging collaboration!

The Collaborative Leaders Network (CLN) is made up of leaders and practitioners who believe that we have to approach Hawaii’s problems differently, and that collaborative methods offer the promise of real and lasting change.”

Ian Moncrieff-MacMillan


The world runs on kindness, but not necessarily the big stuff.

A smile to a stranger, some sugar water for an exhausted bee, leaving the autumn leaves in the garden for our invertebrate friends.

These small acts give us all a welcoming and easier world when lots of us are struggling just to get by.

So please stop sometimes and be kind to those around you — smile, connect and slow down, just a little.

The dust will still be there tomorrow, so let yourself be calm, find the peace in a moment and kindness in a small thing.

Sue Sandeman

Thank you

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🧡LOVE the gentle video below from Dr Nick Heap, which includes “Random Acts of Listening to Strangers”

📰In Other News

Nick the Teacher has 1.1 million views of his “Luggage or Baggage” video on Tik Tok, which did much better than the one about his “cock”.

I’ve got 2 Random Dialogues videos on there, what else to share?


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Lay or Lies?

yay the lube stopped the creak

Jane Tyson🤗
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