I shared these on my Facebook page

and people seriously think I drew them!

“The Artist Living In The Shadows”

💡Best and Worse Energy Saving Tips

“I’m slightly obsessed with reading my smart meter.”

“It’s cheaper than watching the TV,” responded Jason.

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🦔News from Sarah “Swift”

We still have some young hogs here, they need lots of food to get them fat enough to get through winter.

🌡️Warming stripes

In May 2016, to make visualizing climate change easier for the general public, University of Reading climate scientist Ed Hawkins created an animated spiral graphic[18] of global temperature change as a function of time, a representation said to have gone viral.


And Finally🎬

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🚴‍♀️A Bit More Finally

If you downloaded a copy of my practical “e-book e-bike” guide, I hope you enjoyed the tips, and I’m truly grateful for your support. Last week, my bike and I went on an adventure to “Battersea Power Station” in London. Pics here

Thank you for reading these Friday 6:08am updates and for your contributions.


a random doodle from Colin Horner



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