Why Bees Have Sweaty Feet

May 2017 and a Random Dialogue with @surreywildlifetrust. It just popped up on my Facebook timeline.

He taught me why bees have sweaty feet.

I took out a membership and he threw in the book, plus a tote bag and sticker. I regularly dip into it for our wildlife garden here in Guildford, UK.

Family membership for the Wildlife Trust is excellent value — the price of 2 lattes a month.

Love What They Do 💓💓💓

This June they are running their annual #30dayswild campaign.

In the meantime, last night my daughter and I stayed at the Holmbury St Mary Youth Hostel, Surrey, UK. We enjoyed shopping in Dorking, drinking coffee in the sunshine and a pie and pint at the local pub. On our woodland walk back to our bunkbeds, we heard a cuckoo, an owl, and spotted 2 brown mice and a deer. It was a wonderful last-minute relaxing mini wild holiday for half term. She’s happily home and plugged back into tech again, as am I!

Surrey Hills
YHA Holmbury St Mary

I’d forgotten why bees have sweaty feet, so I looked it up here.

“Jane, what do woodlice eat?” said one of the kids in this week’s Resilient Kids Spaces.

“I don’t know, go find out and then teach the rest of us.”

And so he did.

I’m looking forward to teaching them about the bee’s feet later this week.

Random Dialogues

Random Dialogues

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