Blah Blah Brompton Bike

My mate Tom loved this Brompton bike. He used to go on about it but I didn’t pay too much attention to his:

“Blah blah Brompton this, blah blah Brompton that.”

Tom passed away a couple of years ago and his partner (my mother-in-law, Nanny Gill) recently gave it to me. She just knew.

I love its lightness, and ease of carrying, plus it is great fun to ride.

Much that I missed my electric bike’s boost button on Greenwich Hill today, it wasn’t as much as I missed my mate Tom.

I’ve definitely become a blah blah Brompton.

Pay attention to the small, foldable things in life.

Below is a Random Dialogue I made with Tom a few years ago. We can’t find a pic of Tom on his bike at mo.

Jane Tyson

More pics here.



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