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Random Dialogues
3 min readFeb 17, 2023


I was curious to see what “ChatGPT” would create if I typed in:

“write a five sentence rhyming random dialogue about love”❤️

Person 1: “Love is like a melody, sweet and true, It makes our hearts skip a beat or two.”

Person 2: “It’s like a rose, so beautiful and rare, But it can prick you with thorns, so beware.”

Person 1: “Love is like a river, constantly flowing, And its currents can be unpredictable and knowing.”

Person 2: “It’s like a fire, burning bright and hot, And it can warm you up, but it can also scorch and rot.”

Person 1: “Love is like a journey, with twists and turns, And it’s the greatest adventure that one can earn.”

📰Good News Friday

This is a new Friday feature.

A space to share GOOD news.

For example, this week I took everything out of my wardrobe and put it on the bed to sort through. My cupboard now has less and my pile of unwanted clothes is now cluttering up the hallway instead.

I cleaned all the downstairs windows too.

Please share yours.

➕More Good News

»With thanks to Nick Heap for sending over The Company We Keep: Deborah Meier

»Spotted this on Twitter from Colin

»Random Dialogues #25 is full — 6 speakers, 6 minutes each for 60 minutes. Join us virtually in the audience on Thursday, March 9th from 8 pm to 9 pm (GMT). Register here

»The key to a successful relationship: is the answer in these 4Ts?

😢In Other News

»Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

📝5 and a Bit Sentences From Readers of My Newsletter ⤵️

💧We Suck at Sucking Water up a Tube

How high do you think you can suck water up a tube?

If you got the most powerful vacuum pump in the world, you could suck it up a little over 10m (coincidently around the same height as the pressure of the atmosphere will push it up a tube with a perfect vacuum at the top).

If you try sucking the water up any more than 10m, the water molecules split away from the liquid and boil off into the vacuum.

Yes, with a mega-powerful high-pressure pump, you could force the water up 100s of meters from the bottom — we just suck at sucking it up from the top.

Not like trees, which suck water up far higher, right up to the leaves on their highest branches (e.g. up to 115m on a giant Sequoia)….here’s how.

Here’s the link again:

Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

Thank you 🤗


⚡Random Dialoguer “Yvette Masure” and I met for a couple of brainstorming sessions in Guildford. Yvette has founded many successful businesses over the years and has worn many varied hats, including being a Milliner.

And Finally🎬

I look forward to receiving your good news, 5 sentences and maybe seeing you at Guildford Buzz this Thursday, which I host on the fourth Thursday of each month⬇️

By the way, did you guess what this was?

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