What Is Mandala Art?

Birthed in Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and loosely translated from Sanskrit, mandala means circle. Mandala’s are repeating patterns of harmony, unity and wholeness from a central space, aligned with the neverending universe. There are many ways to create a mandala and in this Random blog I share a way we can create greater calm, clearer thinking, and present moment awareness through making a mandala in nature.

Why Make A Mandala?

Mandalas can teach us much about non-attachment, impermanence, the cycle of life, and being with things as they are.

Alongside planting with wildlife in mind and letting the odd area grow wild and carefree, this short blog is about another way to attract even more diversity into your garden.

“During the past 100 years, the countryside has lost almost 70% of its ponds, resulting in the critically damaging reduction of a major form of habitat” Wildlife Gardening for Everyone: RHS & Wildlife Trust.

There is a wealth of wildlife that depends heavily on ponds for success. …

Many have chosen the additional random dates I shared, and most are on the waiting lists.

I started to facilitate them during lockdown 2020 and gave them the title — Canva Clinics.

The idea was to help people learn the basics of Canva to boost their social media and marketing and engage with an online audience. It was also a way to virtually gather people, have fun and some have even joined me at a Random Dialogue or two.

My first Canva Clinic was a bit rubbish.

So I reflected, listened to feedback, and put on another one, and another…


A Joyous and Uplifting Journey

“How do we get to World 2.0 together and have fun doing so? World 2.0 will be fair, peaceful, healthy and sustainable.” #randomdialogues48

More about Dr Nick Heap here.

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Enjoy also this Thortspace Journey of Nick’s message —



Jane Tyson

Obligatory snap next to Matisse’s Snail. A wonderful mum adventure with my teenage daughter and niece to the Tate Modern, London.

The Tate is one of our favourite bolt holes. I’ve taken my children along since they were sleeping in a sling!

Something for everyone on the Southbank, including importantly cake and coffee stops.

For lunch, we went to Wagamamas, just behind the Tate and all chose the well-priced kid’s menu options. The Co-op was next door — even cheaper. Organised mums might prefer to take a picnic to eat on the benches or wonderful grassy area outside.

I made a little video reel about our outing here.

What’s a favourite space for you to take kids or grandkids if you have them?

By the way, this is why Matisse made his snail out of paper.

Below the picture is the Youtube viewing link from Val and my Random Dialogue on the 12th August 2021.


One of the most common requests on my “Canva Training For Beginner’s Workshops” is how to create a carousel post to use on Linkedin or Instagram. If you have already booked into one of my 18-minute virtual, interactive, and fun sessions, you will have spotted the little video on the Eventbrite link sharing “How I” make them.

Readers generally linger and lurk longer on carousel posts and here’s a simple one I made a few months ago.

I’m just curious to know, if you made a carousel about your mission, what would you write about? …

We’ve all got a book inside of us haven’t we, maybe a message for our kids, even the world?

Over the years, I have started writing many random books, I even managed to turn some into short practical e-book guides like these.

Whilst others are still brewing in google docs, as works in progress, including the talks at Random Dialogues.

Another is called “Practical Tips For Overwhelmed Mums” unfortunately I got overwhelmed writing it, click to see why.

Then one day, I gratefully and randomly met the wonderful Angharad Davies in a Facebook group, where she’d written this post

May I use it too?

It’s not mine to not share!

“Passion project” - wonderful.


This morning, I randomly facilitated one of my “Canva Clinics” to help David, a Christian coach to get energised and embrace his audience online. He wanted to learn how to make a carousel post to use on LinkedIn, like this.

I made this “Lurk and Linger Longer On A Carousel” video a while ago with Keith Grover -

I briefly talked with David about my passion project — “Resilient Kids” and he shared his too.

Created in Canva

If you tuned into this month’s Random Dialogues…

Niall Jones kindly invited me to speak at the Peer Space about my Resilient Kidsmovement, and ways we can bolster our children’s resilience.

At the start of the talk, I said —

My mission is to give kids VISION, VITALITY & VOICE and in this talk I will share what that really means and demonstrate how that builds children up to be more confident in themselves and competent in life.

As I am an ambassador for Thortspace I felt it would be a good idea to map out my ideas beforehand. …

Jane Tyson

Random Dialogues

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