3 Reasons Talented Change Makers Don’t Post on Social Media

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It’s a pretty busy, crowded, noisy virtual space out there in social media land, would you agree?

Many individuals I work with who are making a positive difference in their communities get stuck with what to post, when, why, and who, plus they don’t have the tech skills to help them, and they are often afraid of sharing their story and being “seen”👀

Their heads spin in a state of overwhelm, and they’re not sure where to begin so end up not sharing a thing (in the din!).

In this Random Diablog, I write about “How I” started off in 2012 creating social media posts for a community group I founded, which later included using Canva to continue engaging and building our online audience.

Keep It Social and Simple

There’s a big clue in “social media” and this is something I learned from my good friend AyPee (RIP) and co-founder of Random Dialogues — to keep it social and simple! Considering who you are online is also a topic we used to teach in our metaphor workshops, and which I continue to weave into my bite-sized affordable teaching and creative coaching sessions.

Do You LOVE What You Do?

In 2012, I decided to set up a community group to help leverage a business I was involved with. As a mum with small kids, I was in a state of transition, a rebirth, no longer desiring the working life I once knew, nor able to make it work in the same way. There weren’t many “networking” groups around at the time in the area, and I wasn’t interested in the suited, booted, and serious ones.

I invited seven talented lady friends to gather at my house to help get my idea going and growing. We sat on the sofas giggling, hatching plans, and drinking wine, whilst my young children slept upstairs. It started to snow so everyone had to dash and go but not before we’d christened it “LoveWhatWeDo”. This was a great story to talk about with our fresh and growing supportive audience.

As a team, we ran a number of pop-up shopping events, socials and other “How I” workshops, it was very offline and community-focused.

Image: Sarah Aires Photography 2012

Of course, we created social media posts to promote our events, however with every bit of market research we carried out, we discovered the event’s great footfall largely came from word of mouth, particularly mums chatting on playgrounds.

I worked closely with my wonderful graphic design friend Jo Ogilvie. She would create these amazing flyers that we’d distribute and use in our event posts, mostly on Facebook where we found out the mums tended to hang out during the evening.

2013 Woking News & Mail
2016 with Pippa Tucker-Brown “Life & Sole”

I Didn’t Know Who I Know or What I Know Now

Time flew, our kids grew, I travelled to teach in Tanzania, and whilst LOVE was always in the air, we moved on to brands and projects new. At the time, I didn’t know which direction to take with LoveWhatWeDo, I didn’t know who I know and what I know now — ode to the magic of powerful networks with experienced mentors, coaches, and guides.

Something I used a lot during this time, for quick social media posts and brand storytelling were Facebook lives, and Canva.

“Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content”

Bite-Sized, Affordable Tuition with Me

People often asked me for tips and tricks on ways to use it, so using my teaching and creative coaching skills, I began hosting a monthly group online called “Beginners Canva”.

Jane showed me some great new features and functions and familiarised me with the tool so I can make much better use of Canva now to liven up my images and social media posts. Great for anyone just starting out on Canva or looking to upskill. Thanks Jane! Linda Hopkins

I made the video below “How To Create a Canva Carousel” after one of the sessions, with Keith Grover in support!

I also teach the sessions one-to-one:

It’s relaxing being with you Jane, as you don’t make me feel stupid for asking questions, I like we go slow and you don’t rush me on so I forget things. Susie

A while ago, Keith asked how to remove a pair of unsightly curtains from an image 😂 This is possible to do on Canva, you can also use https://www.remove.bg/. It’s also super easy to use, try it, have a play, and add it to your bookmarks in Chrome.

I recently taught a tutee how to make shadow text, change backgrounds, resize, blur images and add a logo. Below is an image I created for my Eventbrite cover. I’m not a graphic designer, I simply teach“How I” use Canva with the intention that it inspires you to give it a go too in order to amplify your mission.

And Finally

Here’s some feedback I’ve received over the past couple of years, and of course, I’ve used Canva to repurpose them into social media posts and videos too (search >>> #canvaclinic).

“Jane did a great job with a Canva Training Workshop she delivered to our expanding team of Buzz hosts. The feedback was excellent and the top tips she shared with the group were really well received.” Katrina Sargent co-founder of Business Buzz

Jane is full of creative energy, she is passionate about bringing the best out in her clients. A good listener and helps you come up with great angles and concepts in a very natural way. I felt like her creativity was contagious and I came away from the session buzzing with new ideas. I would highly recommended her services James Banfield “The Liberated Mind”

“The course was very well attended and she managed to show us how we could create our own simple graphics to help promote our Businesses or Organisations. Jane was very thorough and offered the delegates a chance to return any time for further help” Stephen Spencer

“Jane is a very inspiring teacher with so many social media skills to share. I can highly recommend her Canva workshops and following all her great work across many social platforms” Steph Sullivan

and this a video testimonial

You may like to come and join me at next month’s Canva gathering or prefer a one-to-one, listed here.

I look forward to supporting your story.

Happy Creating!

Jane Tyson — Educator
Random Dialogues

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